Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to my new art blog! Yippee!!

Well here it is...........My new art blog (insert Ta-Da here).

I will be putting up my paintings and prints here in just a bit. I hope you will find amusement and inspiration in my work.

You see.....I have this cat. He is huge, about 28 lbs., and he just HAS to be in my studio with me when I work. If I have anything out like paint, water cups, yes, even the fish bowls etc, he will spill it.......always.

I am a mixed-media artist from so. california. I know what your saying......"Wow, there are a lot of mixed-media artists out there!" Yes you are right! And I am one more!

Hopefully, you will find my work to be fun, colorful and quirky. And i would like to feature other artists work too! If you want to be a part of my new blog, just e-mail me and let me know! Talk to you all soon!!

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