Monday, February 2, 2009

A Matter Of Control

Hey everyone and happy Monday!

I was thinking last night about selling your art or craft in these terribly slow economic times. I get discouraged sometimes too. Lets face it, we could ALL use a little help these days, our own little "Bail Out". It's a tough time and it can be very disheartening at times but, I for one do not want to fall victim to it.

I have to learn to control the things I can control. I cannot control the economy. I cannot control the banks and Wall Street. But I CAN control my art and my little art business.

I can control the quality of my work and paint the best I can with the best materials I can find. I can control the way I interract with my clients and provide them with excellent servive and trust. AND and most importantly, I can continue to paint with my heart and soul and no one can take that away.

So............paint. With abandon and keep the faith. Look forward to better times and build your body of work. When this is over, we will all come to realize just how strong we can be!

Also......while I'm still here, This is a brand new painting I finished up over the weekend. It is a mixed media on birch wood and sealed with beeswax. Lots of really cool texture and color in this one! I already have it listed in my etsy shop I am also doing a series of small mixed media paintings on watercolor paper which I will post soon too. Have a great week and hang in there!

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