Friday, February 13, 2009

Haste.............Not Waste

Hey everyone!.......Happy friday the 13th! Remember those positive thoughts!!

I was at work the other day and as usual, I took along my studio with me. I use a foam paper plate as a pallette when I'm at work. I use these little plates over and over again till they are sooo laden with paint to the point where I can't tell which color is where!

So I was about to switch over to a clean plate when I realized that the one I was using still had beautiful, vibrant, juicy paint on it. Not wanting my paint to go to waste, I grabbed some bits of watercolor paper scraps and placed them onto the plate and let the pieces soak up the remaining paint.

I ended up with some really cool pieces that I can cut up and use in my collage work. It was a bit messy, but fun! It's a good way to use up that still wet paint! Now I may have to figure out a way to use the foam plates too! Have a great weekend all!

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