Saturday, March 28, 2009

My computer is coming back to life! Hubby bought me a new hard drive with his poker winnings, and my soon-to-be son in law Wayne, installed it for me.

But.....Just when we thought all was well, the computer wouldn't boot up. It was very disappointing. Wayne told me that it might be the power supply and he just so happened to have an extra one lying around. So, he threw it in and sure enough, it's a computer once more. Yay!! Wayne is in the process of installing windows again and other software so I will be back up and running any day now with a much faster computer.

On the art front, My classes have moved over to my teaching studio, and are going very well. I have some very gifted and talented students. I will be posting their work up here too.

In the meantime, I just finished lots of new paintings this week, including this encaustic which I named, "Meadow Spires". Encaustic is painting with hot wax. The effects you can achieve with this medium are just incredible. I have been listing more paintings up on etsy and I just purchased more birch panels today for my future paintings. All in all it was a very busy day. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend too and I will catch you all later.

Happy Arting!


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