Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Art Work And ....................

I figured out how to use the video feature on my digital camara! YAY!! So at some point in time today or tomorrow, I will try to get my first video up and running. I really have NO idea what I am doing!

I have been painting small 8X8 artworks on archival paper, one a day, everyday now for this week. Being small in size, These are easy to do while I'm at the shop in between customers. I have finished three and I am going to try and get them up into my etsy shop today, barring any unforseen circumstances that is.

My Damar crystals should be here saturday for my encaustic work, and I have started a 16X20 canvas that I will try to put into my first video to show you all.

Lets see..........other than that, I am off work today and I need to get some housework done too. I guess someones got to do it huh? Hopefully I will be back later with a video. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)



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