Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moving On

Ok........So the Flea Market show didn't go really well. It was terribly windy. Luckily hubby brought 45 lb. weights to hold my canopy down, but my stuff kept blowing away and I had to chase it down. Not fun. Also it was like 180 degrees out, alright, I exagerate a bit but it was hot! I have sunburn to prove it. So not too many people were out and about.

I did get a lot of my flyers out about my classes though. And I did have fun talking to all the other vendors, many of which are fellow etsyans. So I am going to gather these other etsy sellers and we are going to have our own show! In June. So stay tuned for that. I tried to video tape this show but I was too busy running after escaping objects and such so I only shot about 3 minutes of my hubby and our friend Neal trying to put the canopy up in the wind, pure comedy, I gotta say!

I'm working on some larger canvasses and wood panels. Also doing some clay work as well. I will post my progress with that soon. You all have a great art filled week and keep the paint flowing!

Much love


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